21195_10152998406711263_361945116644699465_nChrista Madison is a Photographer, Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist and Pro Photo Retoucher.  She will not only make you look amazing with her skills with hair and make-up but her skills on photo retouching will make you look like you just graced the covers of a magazine.

She will make you feel confident, happy and extremely at ease while being professional and enjoyable to be around!  She offers services in Headshot Photography, Fashion, Boudoir, Children, Engagements, Maternity and Animals!

Shawn Bruneau is a professional Model, Photographer, Actor & Musician.  He and she both partake in shooting together  and have different approaches so the client can get two different types of looks.  He is incredible with helping men and women feel extremely comfortable and look the best they can with his exceptional talent for posturing.  His personality will make you laugh the whole time you’re here!

Feel free to request if you prefer to have either him or her to shoot you only.