Your assistance with touch-ups to our latest head shot is much appreciated. I’ve never looked better. Thanks
— Michael Charrois, North Vancouver New Democrat by e-mail
Christa is one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever met. Her talent shines not only through her make-up artistry, which she is a certified make-up artist but also as a photographer who has the most amazing eye for a photo. I highly recommend Christa for any sort of photos that you might want taken of yourself wether it’s wedding, birthdays, headshots or simply because you want amazing photos of yourself. Christa goes out of her way to ensure her clients are happy and satisfied and I’ve had the pleasure of working with her and being photographed by her. Thank you Christa for being so Amazing :)
— Farah J. via Yelp!
I would like to recommend Christa Madison to everyone who wants beautiful and creative photos taken, be it for a professional portfolio or personal use. I’ve had a pleasure of being photographed by Christa, and now I have amazing quality pictures which I simply love. Not many photographers can add something unique and special to their work, but Christa got some amazing talent. Thank you Christa, and look forward to more pictures in the future :)
— Natalie P. via Yelp!
Christa Madison is undeniably talented in the world of beauty and photography. It was time for me to update my professional photos so of course they were done by CM – who I truly consider to be one of the best out there. As a perfectionist myself I expect things to be done a certain way to my level of acceptance and Christa FOR SURE went above and beyond for me with her unique creative abilites and mad graphic skills. I honestly don’t want to work with anyone else after I saw what she was capable of doing – and have since then chosen Christa for other various projects we have lined up. Thanks again.
— Alexandra S. via Yelp!